T-Day MN trip

the_claw dj_on_the_new_farm rt_on_the_dirt_pile grandma_engle peek_a_boo_
The Claw DJ on the new farm RT on the dirt pile Grandma Engle Peek A Boo!
latch_on_barn the_girls_walking_rosco baaaaaa. momma___daughter rosco
Latch on Barn The girls walking Rosco Baaaaaa. Momma & Daughter Rosco
back_40 what_s_that_on_the_cows_nec richard_out_early_in_the_mo time_for_a_haricut looks_cold_to_me.
Back 40 What's that on the Cows neck? Richard out early in the mornin Time for a haricut Looks cold to me.
make_sure_he_does_it_right. pile_o__wool sheep_have_handles. bethany_helping_out. got_water_
Make sure he does it right. Pile O' Wool Sheep have handles. Bethany helping out. Got Water?
missy_relaxing. bethany_inspecting_the_tren
Missy relaxing. Bethany inspecting the trench